The Medium Refused Classification in Australia

It seems like Australia will be missing out on Bloober Team’s latest title. Today it has been discovered that The Medium, the upcoming horror game by Bloober Team, will be refused classification in Australia, essentially banning it in that country.

When a game is submitted for classification in Australia it has to get a rating. If it’s deemed too violent or breaks one of Australia’s rules, it can just be refused classification, meaning you can’t legally buy the game in Australia. The reason why The Medium has been refused classification still isn’t clear, but Bloober Team can ask for the game to be looked at again, and hopefully appeal the decision and get any rating so they can sell the game in Australia.

Many games have been refused classification in Australia since the system started. For example, last year Katana Zero was refused classification, likely due to the fact that the game shows drugs being used in a positive light. It was later resubmitted and given classification, allowing it to be sold. The same thing also happened to 2016’s arcadey shooter The Bug Butcher, 2018’s stealth FPS We Happy Few, and way back in 2007 to Fallout 3.

If you don’t live in Australia, you can add The Medium to your wishlist here and grab the game when it launches on PC and Xbox Series X on December 10th.

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