White Shadows Is Steampunk Limbo

Headup Games recently dropped a new trailer for their upcoming game, White Shadows. Developed by studio Monkel, this is a strange black and white platformer is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a plague has ravaged all of humanity (or whatever you want to call the half-human, half-animal people). Supposedly, only a fresh coat of white paint will keep the disease at bay, and to get your paint ration, you must be obedient. But the protagonist Ravengirl seems to think otherwise.

White Shadows is a modern fable, a distorted mirror of our own world, funny, fucked up and a little meaningful,” the Steam page reads. This trailer is reminiscent of the popular Limbo, where we see the increasingly steampunk White City in which the game takes place. The description continues:

Her escape pushes you deeper and deeper into ever more surreal parts of the city – slums constructed out of the remains of a circus, giant workers’ quarters which travel through the endless night, a perverted amusement park where white color flows endlessly, a forgotten place where the other outlaws gather around a tree made of tin.

The planned release date is sometime in 2021. You can find out more about White Shadows by visiting their Steam page here.

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