A Lot Is Happening In Newest Project EVE Trailer

I’m still struggling with what to make of this Project EVE trailer. A game by Korean corporation SHIFT UP, best known for the Destiny Child franchise (no relation to Destiny’s Child), this latest title has a massive change in tone. I can only describe it as the beautiful fusion of Hideo Kojima and Yoko Taro and Hideki Kamiya.

The Project EVE trailer jumps right into the action. The protagonist, presumably Eve, performs a combo finisher on a demon creature that would make DMC Dante weep. After a gyrating stab with the creature’s own mechanical appendage (oh yea I forgot to mention that the demon was also a cyborg), she is grabbed and hurled out the window into space and we see that the space station she was in is also a demon (angel?) and cyborg.

Somehow I’d missed the reveal of Project EVE, which is like saying I’d missed the reveal of a new color or the return of your preferred messiah. It was announced back in 2019, with the first real gameplay trailer being shown in November of 2020. While there have been some superficial changes made, it’s still the same monster-hunting, energy-sword-slashing, action-packing game as before. 

Words literally cannot do Project EVE justice. It looks like Bayonetta combat. It looks like Nier: Automata worldbuilding. It looks like… just watch the trailer. Nothing I could possibly say will be one one-thousandth as interesting as five seconds of a demon with a chainsaw head being fought in Project EVE gameplay.

For more information go to the Project EVE website by clicking here