Beautiful Desolation Looks To Be More Fallout Than Recent Fallouts

Alright guys, whoever was in charge of letting me know Beautiful Desolation exists needs to get on their game. How the fuck did I not know about this? A new post-apocalyptic game? That looks beautiful? Made by the team behind Stasis and Cayne? How was this not on my radar!?!? Well, that just changed. With the trailer released today, Beautiful Desolation just jumped the line to the front of my most anticipated new games list.

From developers The Brotherhood, the studio has already made a name for itself with gorgeous isometric horror games. Seriously, Stasis shocked the fuck out of me, which is hard to do when the camera is so far back it’s hard to tell if that’s a bone jutting out of a severed leg or just a broom. Their second title, Cayne, is free, so you really have no excuse not to go play it. They’re one of those studios I had always wondered what they would be capable of if they had more money. Well, the answer is a badass new isometric adventure game that looks to carry the torch of games like Fallout.

Apparently I’m shit at my job, because Beautiful Desolation actually is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Launched back in 2017, the game got $138k from over 4k doners. How did I miss this? I mean, I probably wouldn’t have pledged. Kickstarter is less reliable than a Galaxy Note 7 in a microwave. So bravo, The Brotherhood. My hype just endlessly grows.

If the trailer above has left you curious, here’s the official description:

The Penrose appeared without warning… The technology hurtled mankind forward, but a catastrophic event meant that desolation would ensue. The world’s chaos quietened but there was tragedy at home for Mark and Don Leslie, when an incident tore apart their brotherly bond in this dramatic story that spans the 1980s and beyond.

Explore the Sub-Saharan wild with Mark, Don and reconnaissance drone, POOCH, to uncover answers and maneuver through sticking situations. As the Leslie family’s mystery unfolds, delve into a unique adventure with BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, to explore this futuristic wasteland to discover villages, destroyed cities, colorful personalities, and uncover the secrets of strange and abandoned technology.

Okay, still unclear? It’s an isometric RPG with a deep story and meaningful choices. Also, the UI looks a lot like Fallout. And you can make scorpions fight. Just… just let me play it.

If you want to get your hands on the game, it will be available on February 23rd on Steam and GOG.

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