Last Year Continues Post-Relaunch Support With Brutal New Map

A lot of gamers were stoaked to see the asymmetric horror survival game Last Year rise from the grave in December of… well last year. While the game had plenty of fan support, developer Elastic Games made the decision to release the game as an exclusive for the Discord App Store. Which you’ll notice is no longer a thing. The storefront never really gained traction, shutting down just 4 months after the release of Last Year: The Nightmare. Taking their licks, Elastic Games returned to their workshop and did their darndest to make the game live on. The relaunched on Steam with the shortened title Last Year and added a giant spider to boot.

Today, Elastic Games continues its commitment to Last Year with the release of a new map. Taking place in a spooky sawmill, The Forest map pits 5 survivors against a murderous lumberjack. However, the homicidal hatchetman isn’t the only thing players will have to worry about. The environment is just as deadly. Whirring sawblades, rushing trains, and other lethal obstacles all force players to keep a close eye on their surroundings. The killer will also want to keep the traps in mind as a quick way to dispose of survivors. Nothing says, “game over,” like a giant whirring sawblade.

If you haven’t had to check out Last Year, you really should. It’s got a fair amount to distinguish itself from other similar games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight. Though the Steam reviews seem to imply the player base is dwindling, hopefully, the new content will turn that around. What’s more, you can play it now for free over Valentine’s day weekend! If you like what you see, you can pick it up for %30 off ($14).

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