Burn Your House Down to Spite Spiders in Kill It With Fire, Out Next Month

Nobody likes spiders. I mean, some people like spiders, but no one that’s actually important likes spiders. Except for Spider-Man, I guess, but he doesn’t count for this. Everyone has once had the thought of burning down their entire house to remove some spiders that scurried out of their view. Now Kill It With Fire will let you live out that fantasy when it launches on August 13th.

Each level puts you in a location which may look all nice and lovely at first, but is suffering from an unfortunate spider infestation. This can not do. Your job is simple: kill all the spiders. How you go about that is really up to you. There’s quite a few tools at your disposal. Guns? Check. Frying pans? Sure thing. However, with a name like Kill It With Fire then there’s one tool you should expect to make a lot of use out of: a flamethrower. The game features fire physics, so if you need to literally burn down your entire house to kill the spiders then go for it.

If that sounds like the kind of thing that would appeal to you, then good news, as Kill It With Fire is also getting a brand new demo for you to try the game out. Kill It With Fire: Heatwave will be launching next week. It includes a couple of levels from the full game, including adding in some late-game content to them so you can try out later tools. In addition to this, you can still play the original demo right now, with Kill It With Fire: Ignition providing a different small chunk of the game.

No matter how you shake it, you can head to Kill It With Fire‘s Steam page right now to wishlist it for release and try the demos.

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