ULTRAKILL Releases Layer 4: Greed

Billing itself as a “fast-paced ultraviolent old school FPS,” ULTRAKILL released its newest update on Wednesday. The update, titled GREED, includes a variety of changes to balance as well as new content.

In ULTRAKILL, humanity has gone extinct. The only things left are machines that use blood for fuel. Of course, with the blood supply beginning to thin on the surface, the machines are descending into Hell for more. Movement abilities will help keep the player ahead of the dead, demons, and the mechanical competition. There are a variety of weapons to wield, and each has several variations. Pick the tool of carnage that’s best for you! By covering yourself in blood, you can heal yourself and fight another day. The emphasis on stylish kills and chaining combos let the player gain points, which they can then spend on weapons and their variations between missions. Many of the environments take inspiration from the literary classic Dante’s Inferno.

The GREED update includes a new layer. There’s also the new “Whiplash” arm which acts like a grappling hook. The Dual Wield powerup can stack twice, allowing you to use up to four times the guns. Why? How? Great questions. Don’t ask if you aren’t prepared to hear the answer. The Virtue and Stalker join the bestiary, along with the Sisyphean Insurrectionist and V2 bosses. There’s a new shop in front of each boss arena as well, letting players change out their kit between attempts at the boss. There are some other quality-of-life changes, too, to provide a better experience.

As for changes, the “Strategy” part of the bestiary fills itself out when encountering an enemy for the first time. This won’t unlock the “Data,” but will help players figure out how to handle some of the tougher foes. There are also various sound and visual updates to provide better feedback to players.

A full list of the GREED patch notes for ULTRAKILL can be found on the Steam page. ULTRAKILL is temporarily on sale until July 8.