First Gameplay Video Released For Soulslike Platformer Salt and Sacrifice

Developer Ska Studios released today the first gameplay video for their game, Salt and Sacrifice. Sequel to the critically acclaimed Salt and Sanctuary, this new iteration of the game follows the similar 2D Soulslike style. As the gameplay video shows, Salt and Sacrifice appears to retain much of what made the original game so popular. 

The gameplay video for Salt and Sacrifice shows off some interesting new stuff. The ten minutes of gameplay we see shows off a detailed new zone, Ashbourne Village, and its surrounding areas. Lots of golems, gargoyles, goblins, and a boss which bonks the player too and fro. 

Lots of new mechanics seem to be added to Salt and Sacrifice. The player collects some kind of “hunt,” which we could assume means a special creature spawns in the world, to hunt for rewards (possibly that giant mage the character is pursuing?). Among the new features we see in the gameplay is the player mining rocks with a pickaxe, as well as collecting plants, possibly for alchemical purposes. Most interesting, however, is the addition of a grappling hook, which will never not be cool. 

Salt and Sacrifice will be released Q1 of 2022. It will be available on PS4, PS5, and PC for $20. For more information, check out Ska Studios’ Twitter by clicking here.