Dolmen – An Action RPG Full of Cosmic Horrors is out 2022

Beginning it’s life as a Kickstarter campaign, Dolmen smashed it’s initial $15,000 ask to bring in just over 20 grand. It was essentially a Kickstarter to bring the game from an alpha into a full-fledged release. The game promises frantic, souls-like combat set on Revlon Prime: “a cspine-chilling forgotten planet where you story will take place”. The game will focus on exploration and action, with the ability to craft new weapons from the corpses of your enemies.

The trailer (that I will of course put below) features gunplay, melee, and some awesome character customization. It looks to be a solid mix of souls-like and shooter, a combination that we’ve seen a few times in the last year to varying degrees of success. Here’s hoping Dolmen nails it. What they’ve shown so far is heartening, and I’m super excited to check it out.

Massive Work studio is new on the games scene, with Dolmen being their first big release. The amount of insane creatures the trailer showed off is heartening. I’m excited to run headlong into my death over and over in Dolmen. The character customization seems to be a huge aspect of the game. The trailer shows at least 4 distinct armor sets ranging from futuristic tech to built out of gooey alien bits. The weapons on display also run the gamut from future axe to “i made this out of a monster’s jaw”. It looks gory, gross, and gooey. You can check out the trailer below and wishlist the game on Steam.