New Sands of Aura Trailer Uncovers at Gamescom 2021

A new trailer has been revealed for Sands of Aura at Future Games Show at Gamescom 2021 promises to be a punishing dark fantasy game with lots of action. Developed by Chasu Entertainment this dark fantasy aims for a full adventure experience. The top-down action features destructive spells and fast movement by both the player and the monsters of the dungeons while wide-open deserts let the player ride free.

It’s not all dungeon crawling, The Sandblasted lands are the perfect opportunity for players to sail across with their grainwake land-boats exploring the remains of the corrupting world. If you get lonely there’s always the Starspire settlement for all sorts of NPCs, trustworthy and otherwise. What the player does with them will affect how the story unfolds and access exclusive boons for the player.

If the combat doesn’t feel right there’s plenty of armor, weapons, and spells to build your kits from to match any player’s preference.

The sands themselves won’t get old as over time they shift and reveal new locations and hidden paths.

We’ll keep you posted as more news on Sands of Aura comes out. The release date is not yet been announced. You can wishlist it here on steam.

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