New Solstice Trailer, Sisters Slay into Future Game Show

Soulstice by Reply Game Studios drops into Gamescom 2021 with the familiar-looking Berserker knight Briar and her ghost sister Lute slaying monstrous hulking and skeletal brutes alike. By familiar I’m here to say the design of Briar, Lute, and the world itself carries heavy homage to the treasured manga series Berserk by the late Kentaro Miura. The design of her armor, heaping greatsword, metal hand, and the missing eye is one for one matching characteristic of Berserk’s protagonist himself, Guts. Let me be clear from what the Soulstice shows this is an inspiration, not a rip-off of the series similar to the origins of the Dark Souls Franchise although somewhat more apparent within character design.

While her debut in Metal Gear 5 was more reserved, to say the least, Stefanie Joosten is here to voice both sisters. Our two protagonists are Chimera with Lute’s soul bound to Briars through sacrifice but also granting both incredible power. Together they make their way to the city of Ilden to free if of undead but also will discover hidden intentions by the Order and their powers.

What we see in today’s Soulstice trailer is that our Briar’s sword functions as a heavy blade but also transforms for crushing hammer strikes to mutilate the monsters. If things get personal there are also chain whips and gauntlets for the player to fully mince the condemned.

Where in Soulstice our knight Briar slashes and tears Lute does her part in combat as well, empowering strikes, spells, and most tantalizing is the perfect reflect she can deploy on projectile attacks although similar to other hack and slash games, I presume skill and timing will be a key component. Lute will also be vital in breaking down the monster’s defenses so that Briar’s strikes hit their mark.

As a reader of the mangas Berserk and Claymore, I’ll definitely be keeping track of this Soulstice‘s development into release. You can wishlist it now on Steam.

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