Explore An Abandoned Hospital In Anime Horror Game LAST LIGHT

A new trailer for the upcoming Japanese horror game Last Light has been released online, and it’s bound to give you chills. While the game uses a cute anime art-style, we can still tell from the trailer and from the images on its official website that Last Light is certainly not a game we would like play with the lights off.

Set in an abandoned hospital, Last Light puts players in the shoes of a young girl named Lumi, who will need to navigate the derelict building while avoiding the sinister creatures lurking around every corner. Armed only with a flashlight, Lumi will also spend a considerable portion of her journey throughout the hospital running and hiding from the monsters within, and since the game will not feature combat, players will need to use all their wits to avoid being eaten. The building will also be filled with dirt entries, which players will be able to collect in order to learn about the dark secrets of the sinister medical facility. Interestingly, the game’s Steam page promises “an utterly despairing ending”, so we’re guessing that Lumi probably won’t be making it out of the hospital in one piece.

Last Light was developed by Team Corn Field, and it will be released on PC on August 26, 2021. Publisher Crest have also announced a Switch version, although a specific release date was not specified. And while the game has not received a huge amount of attention from the press, the Steam listing for Last Light also mentions how it has already been nominated for a number of indie gaming awards, so it sounds like this title could ultimately be something very special indeed. Either way, we are certainly intrigued by Last Light, because there’s just something so inherently unsettling about seeing such cutesy anime visuals against a sinister horror setting.