Dino Crisis Classic REbirth Mod Brings Better Graphics and Performace to Greatest Dinosaur Survival Horror Game Ever

Sometimes you wonder why a publisher sits on such a great IP. Why From Software hasn’t created Armored Core Souls or why Konami is only going to make Metal Gear Solid pachinko machines. In this case, the question as to why Capcom has not made a Dino Crisis remaster was so maddening, fans have come together to create their own. Or rather, make the original more readily available. 

For those unaware, Dino Crisis is one of the greatest videogames of the late 90s and early aughts. A survival horror by the genius Shinji Mikami, Dino Crisis is about a team of soldiers investigating a facility overrun with velociraptors. Essentially, it’s just Resident Evil but with dinos. What’s not to love. 

The Apple of Eden, a community dedicated to making retro gaming great again (putting on my red MRGGA hat now), has released a new update for Dino Crisis Classic REbirth. The patch adds a number of features, such as higher resolutions, 4k support (why anyone would want to play a PS1 game in 4k is beyond me, but good on them), and new rendering features that prevent model “wobbliness” that has been a pervasive issue. As you can see in the video, it looks incredibly good.

There are a number of other technical changes that my grape brain can’t understand, which you can read all about here. Unfortunately, Dino Crisis Classic REbirth requires either an original Japanese copy of Dino Crisis by SourceNext, which you can read about in Japanese here. Supposedly you can use a version by MediaKite, though there is an extra step required. For the download of Dino Crisis Classic REbirth, as well as the REbirth downloads for Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, click the link here.

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