OMEN OF SORROW Finally Rising On Xbox One Next Month

Xbox owners don’t have long to wait until they can finally get their hands on the horror fighting game Omen of Sorrow, as Gematsu have confirmed that it will finally be heading to Xbox One next month, although an exact date was not specified. But since Omen of Sorrow originally arrived on PS4 back in 2018, then hit the Epic Game Store in 2019, it will probably comes a relief for fans to know that they only have to wait one more month before finally being able to experience the game on Xbox One.

Developed and Eastasiasoft and powered by Unreal Engine 4, Omen of Sorrow is a 2D fighting game featuring playable characters inspired by monsters from classic horror stories, with werewolves, vampires, and mummies all being included in the roster. Similarly, most of the locations in the game were also directly influenced by horror literature, with graveyards, church bell towers, and sinister laboratories being featured as playable stages. There is also an intricate story mode as well as local multiplayer options, and since there literally hundreds of in-game rewards to unlock, it will certainly take a while for players to experience everything that Omen of Sorrow has to offer.

Seeing as publisher AOne Games took such a long time to bring Omen of Sorrow to Xbox One, we’re glad they will finally be bringing the gothic horror fighting game to the system in September. With just one month to go, Xbox One players really don’t have to wait before they can finally settle the age old debate of who would win a fight between a vampire and a werewolf. Or between Frankenstein’s Monster and a succubus. The horror possibilities are endless!

If you want to play the game right now, it’s still available on both PlayStation 4 and Epic Game Store.