Serious Sam 4 Unveils World’s Greatest Popemobile

A lot of series fall victim to “power creep.” This is the process by which, having ended a movie or game with powerful abilities or high stakes, the next iteration needs to up the ante. A good example would be every recent Marvel movie now being about saving the entire universe. I mention it because it’s a good thing in moderation, and the method by which a series gets more interesting. Case in point, the incredible new vehicle in Serious Sam 4.

Devolver released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Serious Sam 4. But unlike the previous gameplay videos, which had Sam sprinting across grassy fields killing monsters with a minigun, this new one has him with some much bigger guns. Based on the Vatican’s most famous vehicle, this new iteration in Serious Sam 4 is a five-story tall mecha with all kinds of weaponry. Hell yeah. I mean, uh, no not Hell…

Serious Sam purists, if such a ridiculous thing exists, may be annoyed at this new gameplay mechanic. But we already know that classic Serious Sam FPS action is already the main of the game. The series has always had a few instances of short gameplay breaks to prevent monotony, and getting in a blessed Metal Gear for a bit is a lot more fun than the platforming in Serious Sam 2.

Serious Sam 4 will be launching on September 24th. You can wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here.

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