Dead by Daylight Coming to Next Gen Consoles, Getting Cross-Progression and Better Graphics

If you’ve been obsessively playing Dead by Daylight on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, not too much unlike me, you may be happy to hear you won’t need to give the game up just because you’re grabbing a new console. Dead by Daylight will indeed be hitting the next generation, with some fancy new stuff to boot.

While there’s no exact date for it yet, it’s kind of hard for there to be when there isn’t even a release date for the consoles themselves, Behavior has said that Dead by Daylight will hit the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X before 2020 is out. In addition to this, they’ll be free upgrades, so you don’t need to buy the game again. To utilize the new consoles, Behavior is going to begin reworking the game’s graphics, with a promise of a major graphical update rolling out every six weeks. Each update will be focused on a specific part of the game, such as lighting, models, animation, and more. The next gen versions of the game will also run at 4k and 60fps by default.

Additionally, cross-progressing will begin to roll out to the game. To begin with, you can use cross-progression between the Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia versions of the game. Hopefully the PlayStation and Xbox versions can be added to that list before long.

All of this will be part of an update known as The Realm Beyond, which will begin on September 8th. You can grab Dead by Daylight on Steam now, if you want to be part of better graphics.

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