Kingdom of the Dead Arriving Next Year

Horror FPS Kingdom of the Dead will launch in January next year, according to developer DIRIGO Games and publisher HOOK. Beginning January 26, 2022, players can grab the game on Steam.

Kingdom of the Dead combines old-school style FPS gameplay with a black-and-white pen and ink aesthetic. The effect is an eerie atmosphere and world where players battle against Death and its ever-expanding army. Objectives change depending on the difficulty level, and you’ll take out hordes of undead along the East Coast. There are eight different weapons and 22 different types of enemies, along with several bosses. If you’re feeling particularly spicy, there are customizable color palettes and cheat codes to switch up the vibe. And if you’re a death seeker, you can try out the never-ending onslaught of the undead in the endless gameplay mode.

Agent Chamberlain, the protagonist, works for a government program known as GATEKEEPER. The program must defeat the empowered Death and his horde of undead. After a war, his army grew drastically, allowing him to begin an attack against the living. As they rise from their graves, Agent Chamberlain will put them down once more.

Kingdom of the Dead screenshot forest
There’s something eerily beautiful about the visuals in Kingdom of the Dead. Look forward to it releasing next January.

At the moment, you can try out a demo of Kingdom of the Dead via Alienware Arena. It includes the full first level, along with difficulty levels and various color modes. If you aren’t registered, you can sign up on the website. Keys are limited, so act quickly if you’re dead-set on the demo. Preview it with the announcement trailer that dropped today on the YouTube channel.

DIRIGO Games, based in Maine, is known for Depths of Fear: Knossos (2014), STOWAWAY (2016), and SYSCRUSHER (2018). They create action/adventure titles with a focus on unique visuals and sound design.

Publisher HOOK is a Digital Bros’ subsidiary. The label offers a unique selection of indie games that stand out in some way, be it concept, visuals, genre, or themes. They provide full publishing support, including funding, QA, localization, marketing, and PR.