Get Spooked Without a Screen With Blair Witch Hunt a Killer Game

It seems like if you’re going to head to the world of Blair Witch it’s only a matter of time before you stumble across a murder. If you’re going there specifically to hunt a killer? Well you’ll probably find one. Especially if you play the new Blair Witch Hunt a Killer game.

Yes, the wild world of Blair Witch will now be available in sorta board game form. Like all Hunt a Killer games, this means you’ll be sent six boxes of puzzles, paperwork, documents, audio clips, and other little goodies. You’ll have to use all of these to put together a mystery and solve a puzzle. Your goal is to find Rosemary Kent’s missing son, who has wandered into the Blair Woods. As what happens with most people that go there, things go poorly, and now you need to survive the woods while hopefully saving him.

While the franchise is best know for its movies, the original Blair Witch is still a horror classic, recently it made its way to video games with the 2019 Blair Witch video game. It managed to take the franchise and successfully translate it to the game space. More importantly, it introduced us to Bullet, a very good dog that followed the player around and would be your best friend before the game was over. Every game needs a dog like that.

If you’re interested in grabbing the Hunt a Killer Blair Witch game, you can do so now on the Hunt a Killer website.

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