Play Card Games to Escape From a Killer’s Cabin in Inscryption

Video games involving cards are becoming rather popular these days. However, usually you use your cards like abilities. In the upcoming Inscryption, being created by Pony Island developer Daniel Mullins Games, you’ll have to play an actual card game with a crazed killer in the hopes of escaping from the cabin you’re trapped in.

While there may not be much in the way of details yet, the trailer gives a pretty good idea of what you’ll be doing. We get to see the player going through some kind of card game, using woodland animals as the cards. We can see a few mechanics, such as sacrificing cards to buff other cards, and the various props on the table that all seem to have some different meaning. It’s clear this seems to follow something a little more twisted than normal.

Yet things really take a turn when we see more of the game. In addition to the card games, you can get up and walk around the cabin, solving puzzles in an escape room styled situation. The cards begin to talk directly to the player, while the person they’re playing against makes threats and generally doesn’t seem like a very good person. The trailer ends with a few weird shots, including an FMV of someone digging something and what appears to be a different game altogether.

All of it looks like a wild trip, and if you’re excited for Inscryption like I am then you can add it to your Steam wishlist here.

  • Momo The Killer Sandwich
    August 12, 2020

    I’m digging the vibe. I like the creep factor, the card dynamic, and the art style. Not so wild about the ps1 style graphics. Hopefully there will be an option to apply an anti-aliasing filter

    On a side note…what’s up with the gaming articles still using this weird antiquated forum style when the rest of the site has up graded to the far better Disqus?

    Cmon guys, get with the times, be a hero. Ditch this weird ass format and get on with it

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