New Trailer Shows Off What’s In Store For Dead Cells’ Bad Seed DLC

Dead Cells really is the game that keeps on giving. Released back in August of 2018, Motion Twin has since released 16 major free updates. If you somehow haven’t heard of it, Dead Cells is a fast, fun, fiercely difficult 2D Souls-like RogueVanie game. That means randomization, exploration, permadeath, and controller crunching combat. Seriously, you should have played it by now. It’s just $25, go do it. Still not sold? Did I mention the 16 free major updates?

Fans of Dead Cells now have one more thing to add to the game’s checklist of awesome. Coming February 11th, the new Bad Seed DLC is bringing a whole host of hardcore to the already expansive game. It introduces two new biomes, The Arboretum and The Swamp, where plant life has gone mad. Each biome has a host of new creatures, bosses, and unique challenging themes. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with new weapons (including the first double slot weapon) and an adorable faithful mushroom companion. Daw, turns out there’s a bright side to vicious murder.

Awwwww, how menacing!

If you’re new to Dead Cells or eager to start a new run, worry not. The Bad Seed DLC is being introduced as a new early game path option. So if you want to start your new career in extreme landscaping early on, you can go right ahead.

While the previous Dead Cells content has all been free, Bad Seed is going to put you back a whopping $5. Oh no. The developers have stated that this chunk of content is going to support their ongoing development efforts, so expect more free stuff on the horizon. Honestly, if you’re put off by a $5 DLC, I got nothing. Motion Twin has been constantly supporting their $25 game for two years. It’s fair they ask for the cost of an early 2000’s footlong every once in a while.

Bad Seed will be available on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 on February 11th for just $5. If you want to check out more about Dead Cells, click here to check out the game’s Steam store page.

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