Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Take A Ride On The Souls Train With 19 Line

I’m really glad to bring this one to you today. I’d played through some of it a few weeks back, but unfortunately for me, it was entirely in Spanish. Today finally brought the English translation, and it was absolutely worth the wait. 19 Line is a text-based game by Nico Saraintaris. It’s a visual novel adventure with fantastic animation and great writing. 

19 Line has you in the role of subway operator, new to the job. But tonight is a night unlike most. Assigned to the 19, he receives a mysterious warning from another subway employee. “Subway drivers from the 19 know they must never stop, especially on the night of the procession.”

It’s not a lengthy game, but with 7 different endings, 19 Line warrants several playthroughs. You can try 19 Line for free on itch.io by clicking here.

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