Lost Epic Key Art

Lost Epic Launches Last EA Update, Releasing July

Lost Epic, a 2D Souls-like action RPG, released its last major content update today on Steam Early Access. The content will come to the 1.0 version on Steam, the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 when it launches. You can pick it up for 25% off on Steam now, a special offer that will run until May 27. Snag the full release on July 28, but be prepared for a price hike when it exits Early Access.

You’ll become the God Slayer, and protect humanity from the spiteful gods of Sanctum. Fight smarter, not harder, against them, as they didn’t become gods by being weaklings. Conquer six different worlds, each populated with visually-stunning boss fights. Go it alone, or summon NPCs and other players as allies to help you with some of the spicier fights. Collect materials from enemies to boost your weapons, and play as characters from sister game Earth’s Dawn.

Lost Epic Boss Fight Screenshot
Lost Epic offers gorgeous 2D anime-inspired artwork.

Today’s update includes the Abyss, with two new bosses: Cecilia and The Ruling King. Take them out and seize the Eyes of God for yourself and discover previously-unseen locations. In the depths wait three new dangerous foes: the God of Everlasting Darkness, the Twin Gods, and the Ancient God. You can also speak with the Gods in the Black Cat event and revisit Altu after defeating Cecilia for a special new quest and set of missions.

“As we prepare for the launch, it felt like the perfect time to introduce elements from our original game that put us on the map. We thank everyone who’s supported us during Early Access and look forward to a new legion of fans on PlayStation 4 and 5 and those who waited until 1.0 to begin slaying gods for themselves.”


Team EARTH WARS began with Earth’s Dawn, which released in 2015 to various platforms. The team specializes in fast-paced action RPGs with user-friendly UI and great replayability. Earth’s Dawn received over 300,000 downloads, and the studio eagerly works towards the release of Lost Epic this July.