Cult Horror Favorite LAST YEAR Rises From The Grave On Steam December 10th

Chances are, you haven’t played Last Year. Originally released as Last Year: The Nightmare, it initially launched… well, last year. A 5v1 asymmetric multiplayer game, Last Year: The Nightmare pit a group of highschool kids against one of several vicious supernatural killers. Sounds like Dead by Daylight? Well, sure, but the twist is that in Last Year you can fight back. The game quickly developed a strong following and garnered decent scores. So why haven’t you heard of it? Well, it launched exclusively for the Discord App Store. What’s the Discord App Store? Exactly. It didn’t last very long, shutting down only 4 months after Last Year: The Nightmare launched.

It’s a harsh reality of the gaming world that sometimes, you get fucked. You gamble on a new platform/hardware, and it turns out to be a dud. Sometimes you make bank like the Close to the Sun people did on the Epic Game Store. Sometimes the storefront closes down in 4 months and you’re out a publisher and place to sell your game. Sometimes you back a rapper to sell overpriced emulators. So what do you do when you find yourself coaxed into a business snafu?

For the people at Elastic Games, the answer was to press on. Rather than accepting their losses and moving on to the next project, the team of 20 went back to work on Last Year. With the insight of community feedback, they wanted to make sure that the next launch of Last Year would be bigger, better, and on a more stable platform. And what they came up with? Big nasty spiders!

This new launch is titled Last Year: Afterdark. Well, technically, it’s Chapter 1: Afterdark. Taking inspiration from the success of games like Dead by Daylight, Last Year will be releasing future content in chapters. Expect new monsters, tools, weapons, and settings in each. Furthermore, anyone that bought the game on the Discord App will be getting the game for free on Steam. Last Year relaunches on December 10th for some amount of money greater than 0. For some reason, the price isn’t listed yet.

As to what the future holds for Last Year, no one can say. I think spiders and other non-human killers is a good start. The trailer gives the game a distinct Natural Selection vibe, complete with the first-person mandible cam. In any case, I’m glad I get the chance to check it out. It’s always a bummer when your favorite multiplayer game finally goes offline, but it’s an extra punch to the gut when it goes to its grave way too early.

So cheers to your resurrection, Last Year! I’m looking forward to the future evil birds and mole-people expansions. As for you, what monsters would you like to see come to Last Year? Are you too afraid of spiders to play? Let me know in the comments!

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