Disintegration Story Trailer Shows Motley Robot and Human Rebel Crew

Today the first story trailer for Disintegration was released. The trailer brings a lot more information about this game’s universe, showing the protagonist escaping robo prison and joining some kind of robo resistance. We are also introduced to the antagonists of this game, a sinister-looking robot by the name of Black Shuck. We can assume that he is who we will be disintegrating, though there is no official confirmation yet.

Disintegration is a tactical shooter in which you play as Romer Shoal, a robot rebel and flying motorcycle pilot. This unique FPS gameplay has you flying around the battlefield on your gravcycle, firing on enemies from above while coordinating your allies below. The game mixes strategy and shooting, allowing you not only to command but also to conquer. Lol. 

Disintegration has a release date of June 16th. It will be available on Xbox One, Steam, and PS4. For more information, you can follow this link to read more about the game.

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