Kholat To Be Released On Nintendo Switch

IMGN.PRO has announced today that their award winning horror game Kholat will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The trailer is mostly live action, featuring a man climbing the Kholat Syakhl in order to play Kholat on mobile. This trailer does not show much that’s new in terms of gameplay, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skip out on playing this game.

Kholat is based on a real life horror story, an event known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. Nine russian college students went on a hiking trip in the Ural Mountain range in 1959. During one night, something caused the group to flee their tents in terror, and they were left stranded in the darkness and sub-zero temperatures. All of them were found dead over the course of the next few months, six from hypothermia, three from physical trauma. The true nature of what happened remains a mystery to this day.

Kholat is based on this incident. The character you play as is investigating this mountain by following the trail of these ill fated hikers. Gameplay is about exploring the mountain and surviving the cold while finding various pages of the hiker’s journals. Also it’s narrated by Sean Bean. 

To preorder Kholat you can click here to visit the Nintendo eShop. And for more information about Kholat, visit the IMGN.PRO website by clicking here.

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