Dying Light Turns 5, Kicks Things Off With Free Copy Of Battle Royale Spin-off Bad Blood

I cannot believe I’m still writing about Dying Light. In an era of yearly releases and abandoned Kickstarter projects, Dying Light is a beacon of hope. Despite the sad news that Dying Light 2 has been pushed back, Techland is still giving fans of the franchise reasons to celebrate. For the past five years, Techland has released consistent content updates ranging from timed events to The Following expansion. Every time I get a Dying Light notification, I keep expecting it will be the last one. And I keep being proven wrong.

With Dying Light celebrating its fifth birthday, Techland is kicking things off in a big way. Their spinoff battle royale title Dying Light: Bad Blood is now free to all present and future owners of Dying Light. Set in the zombie-infested city of Harran, Bad Blood pits 12 players in a fight to the death. You know, like a battle royale game. The twist is that the city is also invested with zombies, meaning you’ll have to contend with a mix of PVE and PVP. Killing zombies will net you loot and EXP, so you won’t want to just focus on ganking players. The game also utilizes the Dying Light intense melee and parkour systems, giving the game a significantly different speed and flow than other battle royale titles.

Techland promises that this is just the first of many things yet to come. They plan to fill February with a flood of new content, yet to be unveiled. Until then, you can head on over to their docket site to snag your copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood. All you have to do is link your PSN/Xbox Live/Steam account, and the game should pop up in your library. Check back in to find out what else the good people at Techland have in store for us!

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