Dead by Daylight Reveals David King is Queer

Behaviour Interactive has announced the first canonically queer character in its franchise. Survivor David King will reveal more about his past in DEVOTION, the 11th Tome of the Dead by Daylight archives. DEVOTION is available today on Steam, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. A trailer accompanied the announcement.

David King’s basic playstyle encourages taking hits for allies and evading pursuit. Dead Hard, one of his basic perks, is a popular pick for its brief window of invulnerability. King has remained among the top ten most-played Survivors since his release. A ruffian with a hidden heart of gold, David loves a good fight. DEVOTION will reveal his personal struggles as he grapples with his identity. BHVR collaborated with GaymerX to ensure best practices for integrating queer themes into their work. GaymerX is a nonprofit organization focusing on inclusivity. It provided feedback on creating faithful in-game content and lore while preventing inadvertently providing harmful representation.

“Representation of diversity in entertainment matters, so it was important for us to take time and to surround ourselves with experts in order to do things properly. We’re very humbled that Dead by Daylight has developed into a space where players from various communities around the world feel free to be themselves. We’re committed to providing fun and diverse content to our fans, and we thank them for continuously sharing their insight on the themes that resonate with them.”

Dave Richard, Creative Director, Dead by Daylight

In addition to the lore update, the new tome will include new cosmetics. The New World Stowaway outfit is a new costume for The Twins, along with new lore for Charlotte and Victor. Night on the Town is a new outfit for David, with various other skins for Killers and Survivors reappearing. Tome 11: DEVOTION is available now. The asymmetrical survival horror game regularly brings in new content featuring both OG and licensed horror icons. King is an original creation by Behaviour Interactive.