The Third Shift is the Game Boy Horror Game I Never Knew I Wanted

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a museum, but let me fill you in on a secret: Night at the Museum is 100% accurate. Every night all the exhibits come to life and do things. The problem is, in The Third Shift, this doesn’t lead to comedy. This leads to pure terror. After all, these exhibits aren’t interested in having a party, they’re interested in murder.

You play as a new security guard for the Roanoke Museum of History and Wonder. While that may seem like a good job, you have the dreaded third shift, which means you’re there during the time the building is closed. At first you may think you’re just protecting the building from looters, but soon it becomes apparent there’s something horribly wrong with the place. Considering it takes place in Roanoke though, I’m not quite sure what you expected.

While you’ll play the game in both first and third person sequences, what really sets The Third Shift apart from the crowd is how committed it is to the Game Boy aesthetic. Not only does it use the same colors and graphical style that a Game Boy would use, but the entire time you play the game with the “Lame Boy” on screen. Just so you have that extra level of immersion that it brings.

While The Third Shift is still in development, you can go to its itch.io page to try out the free demo and add the game to your wish list.

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