Blightbound Enters Early Access, Players Report “It’s A Gas”

At long last, the highly anticipated dungeon-crawler Blightbound has entered Steam Early Access. Created by Ronimo Games, best known for their 2D MOBA Awesomenauts, this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. A team of legendary warriors killed a colossal evil creature called the Shadow Titan. But their victory was short lived.

Upon the Shadow Titan’s death, noxious and corrupting fumes poured from his body, covering the world. This fog, known as the Blight, turns any living being into a horrible abomination. Blightbound beings in a mountaintop refuge, the last bastion of humanity. The surviving heroes above must venture down the mountain in order to kill the mutated creatures below. 

In typical Ronimo style, each team of players will crawl these dungeons using three different classes—a warrior, an assassin, and a mage—who each fill a role in conquering the horrors lurking in the blight. All three classes in Blightbound are host to a variety of different characters, all of whom have their own storylines and upgrade paths. 

You can try out Blightbound now on Steam by clicking here. As part of a launch day promotion, a three-pack of Blightbound is 33% off. 

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