Weird West Releases Wild Horses, Drops Trailer

Yeehaw, pardner, Weird West has finally come to PCs, PlayStation 4s, the Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. It costs $39.99 (or regional equivalent) on Steam. Despite some previous delays, the sandier and boxier Wild West is here to play. Special Reserve Games has a number of premium editions for the collectors of the strange out there.

Weird West is a darker, grimmer fantasy take on the Wild West. Your iron-slinging cowboy lives out in the frontier and shares a world with fantastic and terrible creatures. Several heroes have emerged, and depending on your actions they can become legends of the West. Every journey has a number of paths and high-stakes decisions to make. You can form a posse of like-minded cowpokes or travel alone as a mysterious stranger. No matter how your travels unfold in the sandbox world, the characters will eventually come together in the final chapter. Dishonored co-creator and Prey creative director Raphael Colantonio (president and creative director at WolfEye Studios) headed direction on the game’s darkly fascinating world.

Weird West Pigman Dialogue
The Pigman is one of several characters who will be undertaking a journey in Weird West.

Having played through the preview a few months back, Weird West had a lot of good things going for it. It felt great with a controller, and there were a number of side tasks to complete in an interesting world. I described myself as being able to “yeehaw-dly wait” for the full release, so it’s got a strong recommendation. The announcement came with a trailer so you can see for yourself.

Weird West is the first game from developer WolfEye Studios. The studio has a fully distributed team. Employees work across six different time zones, four continents, and ten cities.

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