Resident Evil Village Shows Up to Showcase

Resident Evil Village released a new trailer today as part of the Resident Evil showcase. A female narration glorifies a mysterious Mother Miranda before a man drags Ethan Winters through a dark cavern.

A woman urges survivors to come to Luiza’s house, near the fields. Lady Dimitrescu is revealed to have a “little brother” before slicing Ethan’s hand and sampling his blood. Ethan encounters several villagers desperate for an escape. Chris appears under mysterious circumstances, grappling with Ethan in one of the ending scenes. The final shot shows Ethan held by a masked soldier. He turns to Chris, claims he killed Mia, and then urges him to kill him to finish the job.

A demo for Resident Evil Village is coming early next month. Players will have one hour to explore the village and castle, splitting them up however they like. Xbox Series S and X, Steam, and Google Stadia can all access the demo May 1 in North America. PlayStation 4 and 5 players can download it now and access the early demo starting April 17.There’s also still the currently available demo.

Resident Evil Village even had a swanky new logo for the fan-favorite game mode.

An additional game mode returns with The Mercenaries. First appearing in Resident Evil 3, it featured characters exploring the city and saving civilians. In Resident Evil Village, players can purchase new equipment and supplies between areas. It will also include customization for the weapons, like the Raid Modes in Revelations and Revelations 2. The Showcase also briefly touched on Resident Evil Re:Verse, which will come out with Resident Evil Village and be free for all owners.

Resident Evil Village, with its tall drink of water Victorian Vampire Lady releases on May 7. Watch the broadcast on the official YouTube channel, or above and add the game to your wishlist here.

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