Next Dead By Daylight Chapter Will be Resident Evil Themed

Today during the Resident Evil event.Capcom and Behavior interactive teamed up to announce that the next Dead by Daylight chapter will be a Resident Evil one.

The announcement may not be a major surprise, considering the inclusion of Silent Hill for the game’s 4th anniversary. But now Dead by Daylight is celebrating the fifth anniversary and that means it’s time for a new crossover. Thus, Resident Evil. That said, outside of saying it’ll be Resident Evil, nothing else was really shown off. We’ll get the full reveal on May 25th, and the chapter will release sometime in June 2021. Also anyone who gets the DLC will also get an Umbrella charm for their survivor/killer, which seems exactly like the kind of charm a killer would wear if they were part of Umbrella.

So now the speculation begins. Who’ll be the survivor? Who’s the killer? What map will they use? There are so many options. The easiest one to figure out is probably the killer, which it almost seems guaranteed will be Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 Remake. That said, Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 and Lisa Trevor from the 2002 Resident Evil remake would also be fantastic choices. Or they can just do the tall vampire lady. For survivors, I’m going to go a bit off the wall and say Resident Evil 4‘s Ashley would be the best choice here. As for the map, it’s going to be Raccoon City. I mean, c’mon, of course, it is. Raccoon City!

You can grab Dead by Daylight any time you want, and the Resident Evil chapter once it launches in June.

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