Maneater Comes to Nintendo Switch this May

Some days you really just want to reject humanity, return to the ocean, and become a maneating shark. Many have already gotten a taste of Maneater, but now Nintendo Switch owners can rip someone’s head off. Starting May 25, they, too, can devour literal boatloads of hapless civilians, scientists, and military personnel.

In Maneater, the more mass that your shark consumes, the tougher and deadlier it becomes. To become the top of the food chain, players must tailor and customize their shark for durability, damage, and maneuverability. Maneater features a full story-mode campaign with narration from Chris Parnell. Juxtaposing the carnage you inflict as a predator is the framing device, which resembles a Discovery Channel special. While taking vengeance on humans for their callousness is the main goal, you’ll also encounter plenty of dangerous wildlife that would cut your revenge short.

It’s sorta like Jaws but in reverse and the “bad guy” wins.

Maneater also features an open world, with a day/night cycle and seven different regions to terrorize along the shore. Devour tourists at a resort, bring the chains of industry to a screeching halt, and hunt prey on the open ocean. All in all, Maneater provides a fun opportunity to play the villain. There’s a lot of blood and gore to chum the waters, all at your fingertips. Upgrade from slaughtering town drunks until you’ve worked your way all the way up to the Coast Guard. The Nintendo Switch version will include the Tiger Shark Evolution, allowing a bit more diversity in the gameplay.

If you are champing at the bit to play Maneater for yourself, it is currently available on most major consoles. Pick it up today for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, the Xbox Series One, X, and S, and the PC (via the Epic Games Store). Otherwise, Nintendo Switch owners will need to bide their time until May. Find more information about Maneater via the Tripwire Interactive website.

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