Bizarre Meathorror Platformer Struggling Announced and Released

I love a good surprise “here’s a game, and also you can get it today!” announcement. During Gamecon’s Opening Night Live ceremony we got one of those with Struggling. It’s bizarre as all hell, I’m not sure if it classifies as biopunk or meathorror, and I am into it.

The idea is that you’re playing as what appears to be a blob made of two heads awkwardly grafted onto each other. Growing out of these heads is a pair of very large arms, which you can use to grab onto things and swing around. Since most of the world is made of flesh, overgrown in disgusting ways, you’ll be able to grab onto these things and haul yourself without getting impaled by teeth or other sharp objects.

The whole thing looks gross, but in a good way. The designs are clever and bizarre, and you really get this weird otherworldly feeling from the whole thing. Better yet, this is a feeling that you can share with a friend. You can have each hand controlled by a separate player, so you can team up while doing things like platforming or driving meat robots. Or you can be like me and unintentionally sabotage your friends over and over because you’re bad at video games.

If you can stomach the looks, Struggling is currently available on both PC and Nintendo Switch. You can grab the game here.

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