Someone is Recreating The Haunted Mansion in Dreams, and That’s Rad

If you’ve never taken a trip to Disneyland, then you’re not missing too much. You are, however, missing The Haunted Mansion, one of the most rad rides the park has to offer. Thankfully, soon you can experience the ride from your living room, as someone has gone about recreating it in Dreams.

Made by user TheArmyofDos, The Haunted Mansion is a popular ride that has been an attraction in Disneyland since 1969. The ride sees riders spinning around on little carts, getting to see the various former residents of the titular mansion. The gimmick is that it has 999 ghosts currently occupying the mansion, and unless you’re careful you’ll be turned into the 1000th. So getting to experience that in Dreams is certainly going to be quite the experience.

Amazingly, TheArmyofDos isn’t stopping with just Haunted Mansion. It appears he’s remaking as much of Disneyland as possible. At this point he’s already remade several famous rides, including the Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye, and more. If you ever wanted to visit the park without actually visiting the park, this may be the place to do so. Less of a chance of catching COVID-19 after all.

As an aside, if you love The Haunted Mansion and other Disney World stuff, I strongly suggest picking up the book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, by Cory Doctorow. It’s probably the strangest and most interesting version of Disney World I’ve gotten to read about.

If you want to see the virtual version of The Haunted Mansion, and the rest of Disneyland, you can do so on Dreams, which is available right now exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can find TheArmyofDos’ work here.

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