New Ghostwire: Tokyo Trailer Reveals the Most Important Feature: You Can Pet Dogs

If there are dogs in your video game then I better be able to pet them. I do not, for the life of me, care what excuse you make that tries to justify not being able to pet the dogs. If there are dogs, allow pets. Thankfully, a quick trailer for the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo was released at QuakeCon at Home and it revealed you can do exactly that.

The trailer, which debuted at QuakeCon at Home, is rather short and mostly tongue-in-cheek. A little over a minute long, it features executive producer Shinji Mikami noting that he has no plans to die and become a fossil but instead continue to be a living breathing fossil that works on video games. He thanks people for paying attention to his upcoming game. He then says he has an important announcement, and shows off the aforementioned dog petting. It’s apparently a “work in pawgress.” I love it.

If you missed its original reveal, Ghostwire: Tokyo is an upcoming first-person action game set in Tokyo after 99% of the population just vanishes. You’ll learn magical abilities and use this to do battle with mysterious creatures that seem intent on hunting down the remaining 1% of the population. It’s made by Tango Gameworks, who also put out the rather awesome The Evil Within series, so there’s quite a bit of hope it’s going to rock.

For all your dog petting needs, Ghostwire: Tokyo will be launching on PC and PlayStation 5 some time in 2021.

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