Children’s Nightmare My Beautiful Paper Smile Announces Next Upcoming Chapter

V Publishing announced the next upcoming chapter for My Beautiful Paper Smile. Created by Two Star Games, My Beautiful Paper Smile is a papercraft nightmare reminiscent of We Happy Few and Inside. A horror game where everyone has a grotesque, inhuman smile plastered on their face, you use “running, dodging, and puzzling” to survive.

My Beautiful Paper Smile takes place “in a dystopian world where a mad king wants every child to be perfect. Perfection to him is a giant, happy, smile that is worn constantly. Never fading and always bright.” You play one of these “Joyous,” children stolen away by the Authorities, locked in a facility with a bright smiling mask on your face. Just be sure to never let your joy slip away…

Chapter 3 will be released sometime in 2020. My Beautiful Paper Smile will have four chapters total, and purchasing the game will give access to all of them as they arrive. You can check out the game and wishlist it on Steam by clicking here.

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