Classic Rebellion Titles Gunlok and World War Zero Out Now On Steam

You know, shooters really have lost their zest over the years. I know I sound like old man video games shaking his cane at the kids building forts on his lawn, but it really is true. Before shooters became a race to figure out which era was the grittiest and most realistic, shooters used to be about scientists killing aliens with crowbars or misogynists killing pigcops with giant steel balls. Developers didn’t care how realistic they could get their bullet physics or how many millions it would take to render the perfect AR-15. They would ask themselves what setting would be most fun to blow stuff up in, and how many rocket launchers they could cram in there before they became boring. The answer was lots and lots of rocket launchers, because rocket launchers never get boring.

Case in point, World War Zero. Originally titled Iron Storm, World War Zero is the PS2 version that I played as a much younger Ted. The plot is this: WW1 never ended. The game takes place in 1964, 50 years into the conflict. The world is predictably fucked and millions of miles of trenches line every corner of Europe. So you take WW1 trenches and chemical warfare, add helicopters and rocket launchers, and you got yourself a great setting to blow shit up in.

Now this is what a bad guy looks like!

We’re talking about it today because Rebellion has re-released World War Zero to steam. Iron Storm already had a Steam release, but World War Zero is prettier and has more stuff. So if you haven’t checked it out, this is the version you should pickup. I’m normally grumbly about different versions of the same game being rereleased over and over, but it’s only $5. So for $5, what’s there to lose?

They also released Gunlok, which I never played. But hey, it’s also only $5. So why the hell not? It’s a tactical strategy game (not a tactics game), which are always a great way to eat dozens of hours. Check out the trailer:

So if you’ve played Gunlok and want to tell me how good it is, let me know in the comments!

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