New Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Update Reduces The Grind, Adds More Dragons

You know what always sucks? Having to grind through a game to get to the new DLC. Every time a new Dark Souls DLC comes out, I have to put a week aside just to grind myself to the point where I can play it. Sure, I can use a previous character. But then I just have to get curb stomped by level 9000 enemies while I forgot how to even dodge roll. Times that by 1000, and you’ll have an accurate estimate of how daunting it feels to jump back into Monster Hunter World.

Most games take a “tough shit” approach to this particular problem. That, or let you buy “time-saving” loot boxes. But once again, the Monster Hunter World team has proven themselves gods amongst men. Rather than forcing you to trudge through it or let you buy your way out, they’ve come up with a simple and elegant solution. New in Iceborn: Defender Weapons. Pairing nicely with the Guardian Armor, these weapons are cuckoo bananas strong. Game breakingly even. Which is the point. They help you get through the grindy main game, and into the brutal Iceborn content.

This also comes paired with a host of new challenges for endgame players. Which there hopefully will be more of, thanks to the actually time-saving weapons/armor. More from the Official Press Release:

Fan-favorite Zinogre originally charged into Iceborne with its electrifying attacks, and now a more vicious variant awaits. Stygian Zinogre harnesses dragon elemental instead of lightning this time around, so brave hunters will need to bring their Master Rank skills and strategize their approach in order to defeat this amped up beast. Those who are victorious will be rewarded with valuable materials to craft new and powerful equipment designed with an intimidating black and red palette.
A new Tundra Region expands the Guiding Lands end-game locale further with a snowy landscape that’s home to bone-chilling monsters such as Barioth and Viper Tobi-Kadachi. As an added incentive, special materials exclusive to the Tundra Region can be used to increase the maximum level for weapon augmentation. On top of Stygian Zinogre and the Tundra Region, a tempered Elder Dragon is also being added to challenge hunters – Tempered Ruiner Nergigante.

Also coming soon is exclusive content for PS4 players. Previously announced, the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds collaboration is coming December 12th. More info on that from the Official Press Release:

The second round of Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Frozen Wilds collaboration quests for Iceborne will be available from 4pm PT on December 12. Players will get a chance to craft all-new themed equipment fashioned after the Shield-Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, and upgrade the Stormslinger weapon from the previous November quest. Palico companions can get special gear designed after Frostclaws, bear-like machines found in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. Plus, a third round of exclusive collaboration quests for PS4 players will be available from 4pm PT on December 26. This new event quest will reward players with special materials to craft the new Banuk α+ armor set. Iceborne players will also get an opportunity to upgrade Aloy’s Bow and craft a new Felyne Watcher equipment, which were originally available in Monster Hunter: World, with Master Rank level stats.

I seriously cannot believe they keep making content for this game. It’s incredible. The Iceborne expansion was already massive, and this just makes it massiver. I know that’s not a word, but Capcom deserves to make one word for how much I love Monster Hunter World.

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