Remorse: The List Key Art

Remorse: The List Offers Sneak Peek

DeppreSick Team and Feardemic have teamed up to release some videos offering players an inside look at their upcoming game. The first two episodes are available now, and if you love peering into the minds of developers be sure to check them out. Episode 1 covers level design, and episode 2 chats about the story and characters. Expect Remorse: The List on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation next year.

Remorse seeks to revive the atmosphere present in classic survival horror. The open gameplay, inventory management, and combat call back to the golden oldies. Your character explores the creepy suburbs of Hidegpuszta, a town in Hungary, in search of its secrets. The only information you have to go on is a mysterious list. To progress, you’ll have to make sense of what it describes, use your brain to solve numerous puzzles, and defend yourself with both melee and ranged weapons. Everything, from the streets and parks to the abandoned buildings, is connected. Go through the list crossing items off at your own pace and in your own order. Gather as many bullets as you want while you’re at it, but it will never be enough for everything. Supplement your knowledge of the goings-on with video tapes, recordings, and more.

Remorse: The List Corridor Screenshot Liminal Space
Remorse: The List is giving foreboding liminal space vibes, like a Walgreens at two in the morning.

Feardemic Games is a publisher focusing on the horror genre. The studio seeks to deliver quality entertainment that elicits uncomfortable emotions, including fear, trepidation, and repulsion. A full-service publisher and investor, Feardemic Games is a subsidiary of Bloober Team SA and works out of Krakow, Poland.

Developer DeppreSick Team created the Half-Life 2 horror mod Grey, as well as an assortment of mods for Half-Life, including Mistake. Remorse: The List is the team’s latest project. It also marks a major milestone for them as they make the transition from Source modding team to a standalone game in Unreal Engine 4.