Control Developer Announces New Publisher, Multiplayer Game, And Maybe Sequel

Remedy Entertainment announced today that they will be signing on with a new publisher. Best known as the developer behind Control, its predecessor Alan Wake, and more, this collaboration brought with it additional news that will be exciting for fans of the series. Control will have some kind of multiplayer game that might be called Condor, as well as a continuation of the Control story.

Control follows the story of Jesse Faden, the newly anointed director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The Bureau is a similar institution to that of (and perhaps inspired by) the SCP Foundation, a mysterious secret institution that obtains and contains powerful paranormal artifacts. Unfortunately, it’s also ground zero for a dangerous invading force called the Hiss, which has possessed almost the entirety of the Bureau’s agents. But un-unfortunately, Director Faden has access to superhuman abilities, such as telepathy, flight, and a cool shape shifting gun. 

The announcement of Condor is a bit vague on the specifics. It will be a four player co-op game. Seeing as Control has (somewhat) similarly zombified enemies, it may possibly be taking after the Left 4 Dead model. However, that’s about as far as the announcement’s description goes.

There is another interesting bit in the press release. It states: 

In addition, 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment have outlined high-level collaboration terms to further expand the Control franchise with a bigger-budget Control-game, to be agreed in more detail in the future.

That sounds an awful lot like a Control sequel to me. The plans or development status, however, are unknown. You can read the full announcement on the Remedy website by clicking here.