The Outlast Trials Is A Multiplayer Cold War Outlast Game

Bam, how’s that for efficient headlines? There’s a new Outlast game! It’s Multiplayer and set in the Cold War. It’s called The Outlast Trials. Here’s the tweet that announced it!

You can find more info on the official Facebook page, because apparently that’s how we announce games now. The game is multiplayer, but can also be played solo. Also note, it is NOT VR despite all the characters wearing headsets. The Cold War setting also means that this is NOT Outlast 3. Whether it’s a prequel or a spin-off is currently unclear, but it does take place in the same universe. The outlast Trials is currently in early production, meaning that they are taking time to focus on, ” content creation, variety… and gore.” I wouldn’t expect anything less from Red Barrels.

I wish I could tell you more, but there’s nothing else out there about The Outlast Trials. I just hope we finally get a more elaborate backstory for Dr. Dicksnips from the first game.

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