Holy Purge Priests Screenshot

Holy Purge Coming to Steam Next Month

Starting next month, you can undo dark magic in Holy Purge when it releases on Steam. The co-op horror title stars up to three priests united to stop a curse ravaging a medieval village.

Only by cooperating can they thwart the witchcraft, fight off the beasts of the woods, and escape death itself with their lives and souls intact. Explore the open world of the medieval village and collect ritualistic items to stop the dark magic plaguing the citizens. Using crosses, silver, and torches, you’ll protect yourself from werewolves and demons. Every game is different, featuring randomized doors, items, and collectibles. This means greater replayability, as even the objectives can change from match to match!

In addition to the three-person co-op multiplayer, there’s positional voice chat, a server browser, and an optional nightmare mode. As the darkness grows in power, the monsters become more and more vicious. If you’re feeling particularly spicy, you can try to stop the witch’s fell magic by yourself. Attempting to stop the enchantments yourself, however, may be the greatest challenge of faith in your career.

Holy Purge Graveyard Screenshot
There’s a low-hanging “for the Lord” joke here, but instead I’m going to suggest “Let us Play.”

Right now, you can check out the Steam page and Wishlist or Follow the game. Don’t forget to watch the trailer on the CeleritasGames YouTube channel as well. The team has not confirmed a specific release date, but assured Dread XP it will release on Steam “in a month.”

Developer and publisher CeleritasGames primarily produced Holy Purge with a team of two individuals. Holy Purge is the first multiplayer title produced by Claudiusz and Olaf. Founded in 2018, the developers share a great passion for single-player and VR games. The first game the team released on Steam is Sinister Halloween for PC and VR devices.