Dreamback VR Could Be The Future Of Haunted House Psychological Horror Games

Virtual reality horror game Dreamback VR is about to be released. This haunted house game takes on a new level of terror when in VR, as the audio and visuals are optimized to give you as immersive an experience as possible. The environment is fully detailed and interactive, allowing you to pick up and examine items, and the sound design utilizes binaural and spatial audio.

Dreamback VR follows an electrical technician who is suffering from severe trauma following his experience at the Rickford Mansion. The memories and flashbacks are so vivid and debilitating, he seeks out a psychiatrist who claims to allow patience to relive memories via hypnosis (though I’m pretty sure that would make them a therapist, a psychiatrist is for medication). Convinced that he must face his memories in order to overcome this trauma, you will experience what happened that night that left the technician so shaken.

Dreamback VR will be available on Steam on June 10th, with a 10% off launch discount. For more information, you can check out their page here.

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