Developers Of My Beautiful Paper Smile Recreate The Game With Actual Paper Smiles

It’s always great to see a developer but their heart and soul into a project. And nothing says passion like recreating your digital world in the real world. Created by Two Star Games, My Beautiful Paper Smile is a haunting psychological horror adventure with a pencil-drawn papercraft aesthetic. So what better way to bring that to life than with actual pencil-drawn papercraft?

In the video above, the owner of Two Star Games Gavin Eisenbeisz details the process of creating a diorama that recreates his video-game world. It’s his creation based on his creation… a level of creativity so meta that I have to applaud it. The video itself is pretty neat. It starts off going over how he actually made the diorama, the effects he used, etc. By the end, he goes into the struggles and successes of trying to promote his passion project. It’s a fascinating watch, especially as someone who himself is currently promoting his indie passion project.

In a world of million-dollar budgets and gigantic press conferences, it’s worthwhile to give some credit to the little guy just making the best of what he has. Gavin didn’t have a million dollars. He had a cool game, some paper, and ingenuity. So good on you Gavin. Your game looks dope. And you should definitely check it out. My Beautiful Paper Smile is set to release on Steam Early Access on June 19th. It’s also got a free demo you should definitely try.

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