Undying Releasing First Major Update

Undying will release its first major update in the near future, according to Vanimals and Skystone Games. This is in addition to the free Halloween update, which launched last week. The developers plan to have Undying releasing new updates each week, all leading up to the final retail release. Undying‘s full release will be on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS devices in 2022.

Undying tells the story of Anling and her son, Cody. Bitten by a zombie, Anling will succumb and turn soon, leaving Cody all alone. In Undying, she will have to teach Cody the skills necessary for his survival in a cruel, violent world. Survival without his mother. Anling can teach Cody cooking, crafting, and even combat, and he’ll need to learn fast. With a player-generated world map and rogue-like elements, every mother and child duo will have a different journey.

Updates include the rain collector moving to the backyard, making tending a garden easier. Zombies can spawn in previously-safe areas, too. You can sort your bag with a click, and when you upgrade its capacity you get more storage box and fridge space, too. There are a number of other improvements, too, like looting and other quality-of-life changes.

Beginning life as a project three years ago, Undying has implemented community feedback to continually update and refine the game and its vision. It’s currently available under Early Access programs courtesy of both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Undying Releasing Halloween update
The Halloween update added a few spooky visuals to an otherwise-grim story.

After this latest update, the roadmap suggests a future update in December, followed by more in February, March, and April. They anticipate a full version of Undying releasing in May, featuring 60 story days, full locations, at least three endings, and Endless Mode.

There’s a trailer for you to check out as well, showing off some of the development updates. Find it on the Vanimals YouTube channel.