Chamber No. 5 is the Lou Bega Themed Horror Ecape Room I Never Knew I Wanted

In 1999 Lou Bega released his hit single Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…), which is a song that became all sorts of popular for reasons I’m not sure any of us will understand, but it is super catchy so maybe that’s all it needed. While Mambo No. 5 is best known as a party song that you get down to, it may have a bit of a sinister edge to it. Chamber No. 5 explores that sinister edge in an escape room, and it turns out you may never hear the song the same way again.

You wake up inside of a chamber that is very likely the titular Chamber No. 5. Your only goal? Escape. However there’s a problem. A wall on the far end of the chamber is slowly advancing, and if you don’t get out fast enough it’ll crush you. The entire time a weird and distorted version of Mambo No. 5 is playing, both being creepy and giving you hints to the Lou Bega-themed puzzle you need to solve to escape. Of course, you can also just let the wall crush you while the song repeats the “you can’t run, you can’t hide” verse over and over.

You can play Chamber No. 5 for free on Itch.io right now if you want.

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