Haunted PS1 Hosts Virtual Indie Horror Convention, EEK3

EEK3 is hosting a convention, and you are invited. Actually, everyone is invited! Hosted by the folks at Haunted PS1, EEK3 is a gaming convention that showcases all the coolest and indie-est games to look forward to. And in getting extra meta with it, the indie horror game convention itself is an indie horror game. 

EEK3 is a virtual convention, in the form of a low-poly game. The virtual show floor has probably four different rooms. Each of these rooms has a few different displays that show a brief vid of what you can expect in the game. More interesting, however, the characters from some of the games can be found attending the conference as well. Each has some interesting stuff to say, and there may even be a quest for those who pay attention to detail. 

No free swag, unfortunately. You’ll have to get your T-shirts next year. You can download EEK3 by following this link. And for more information about the Haunted PS1, follow them on Twitter here.

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