Shadow Warrior 3 Releases Doomsday Device Trailer

Fans of the first-person demon shooter series Shadow Warrior received a fun trailer this Friday. Shadow Warrior 3, expected sometime later this year, brings back the classic fast-paced shooting, precise melee combat, and agile free-running system. Doomsday Device, a level in the upcoming game, features enemies living in the fat rolls of other enemies like disgusting little parasites.

Lo Wang, a former corporate shogun, and his employer-turned-enemy-turned ally Orochi Zilla, star in Shadow Warrior 3. The two of them attempt to recapture an ancient dragon that the two of them accidentally freed. With a stack of sharp blades and thousands of bullets, Lo Wang will have to track down the dragon and stop its world-ending rampage. Lo Wang also has some help from a dead god’s mask, a dragon egg, and a bit of magic to help him blast through hundreds of demons.

Shadow Warrior 3 Combat Screenshot
Shadow Warrior 3 places an emphasis on gory, smooth combat.

Hallmarks of the series include its fast pace. Players mix it up using a combination of firearms and a flurry of melee attacks. Lo Wang can air dash, wall run, double jump and even use a grappling hook for unparalleled mobility options. The dynamic environments feature plenty of traps and hazards to ruin any Yokai’s day. All of this is couched in Japanese folklore, with Lo Wang something akin to a modern-day samurai. Shadow Warrior 3 also seems to include the series’ irreverent banter, like previous games in the series.

The single-player shooter does not have a confirmed release date yet, but Wishlist it on Steam and expect it by the end of the year. Don’t forget to Follow it as well if you want more information directly from the source. Shadow Warrior 3 will also come to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The trailer above depicts some of the visuals and enemies you’ll face. Revel in the ultra-violence and be sure to watch for any rapidly-spinning blades in the vicinity.

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