Sauna 2000 Is a Psychedelic Psychological Horror Beyond Mortal Comprehension Unless You’re Finnish

What could be more terrifying than regular Scandanavian life? Sauna 2000 is a game by the indie developers at Moya Horror. As part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk, Sauna 2000 is a surreal horror game that puts you in the shoes of an ordinary Finnish man. During their presentation at EEK3, they announced that there might be a full game in the works.

After a devastating car crash that is fatal to your case of beers, the protagonist of Sauna 2000 gets to work preparing his sauna before sunset. Cheerily chopping wood and fetching pails of water, as the sun goes down, the game takes a turn. Sinister entities are creeping about, and the relaxing spa evening turns very dark. 

As it was part of the Demo Disk, Sauna 2000 is only about 10 minutes long, albeit replayable with several endings. However, a much larger project is a possibility. The Kickstarter for Sauna 2000 begins on Monday the 22nd, and while we don’t know what a full version of the game would look like, based on the current build it will be a doozy. 

You can try out Sauna 2000 through the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk by clicking the link here. And for more information, you can follow the developer on Twitter for any and all updates. 

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